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Whether you have a hockey equipment business or own a hockey team, the end goal is to get maximum brand recognition. DrawLogo is your best design partner with countless amazing hockey logo design ideas. To extend hockey interest to larger crowds, you need to get an inspiring collection of hockey flyers logo, kings hockey logo, wild hockey logo, ice hockey logo, and field hockey logo. With the winning templates, we help you get personalized hockey logos for business or company, team or club, tournament or league. Get your brand logo today for sports, website, social media and personal purposes!

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How to Create a Hockey Logo?

Are you not sure which logo is best for your business? Don’t fret! Our hockey logo maker helps you get inspiring logos for your hockey teams and brands. You don’t need to spend much time on the designing process, we have the best editing tools to produce your dream logo with just a few clicks. Below are three simple to follow steps to get a perfect design.

  • select hockey logo

    Select Desired Logo

    Browse our large collection of logos to find the best hockey team logos ideas. Select the one award-winning template for a perfect branded look.

  • Edit Hockey Logo

    Edit Hockey Logo

    If you want to get a customized look of your logo, you can edit it by changing colors, shapes, fonts, layouts, text and more. Let’s be different from the odds.

  • Download Hockey Logo

    Download Hockey Logo

    Once you have designed your favorite hockey logo for your brand, download it in your desired formats including SVG, PNG and JPG.

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Best Hockey Logo Maker

If you are ready to create a pro-level logo for your hockey brand, our logo maker helps you achieve your business goals. Creating a logo is a few clicks job but giving it a selling look is a head-scratcher for many. Forget about hiring any costly designer to get a unique look. Follow the tips and tricks to design a striking logo.

Color Scheme: Choose relevant colors for your brand using the field hockey logo creator. Prefer saturated colors such as bold and energetic to create an impact.

Layout: Before the design layout, think about where it will be used. Try to choose a simple layout without too many complex features.

Typography: Choose the most relevant fonts that complement your brand. It should cheer up your end audience. Select the typography wisely.

Symbol: Think twice before finalizing logo symbols because they leave an impact on the end audience. Choose relevant symbols to convey the brand message.